Ch. Gangway's Mission Countdown

Tess winning WB for her first points as a puppy at the Brazos Valley Kennel Club show under Mrs. Boutwell.

Tess winning WB and BW for a five-point major at the Evergreen Colorado KC show under Mrs. Katona.

Tess winning her second major by going WB and BW under Mrs. Hutchinson at the Evergreen Colorado KC show.

Tess winning Best of Breed over top-winning specials at the Hutchinson Kennel Club show under Mrs. Billings.

Tess finishing her championship at the Tyler Kennel Club show under Mr. Villenueve.

Tess and Bill in the ring at the second Hatboro show on the Montgomery County weekend.

Tess on the ground at Hatboro.

Tess on the move at Hatboro.

Tess sparring with the other bitches at Hatboro.


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