Ch. Gangway's Final Favorite

Roland finished his championship at seven months of age. He was entirely breeder-owner handled. He was the fifth champion for his dam. He now lives happily with my son.

More photos of Roland...

Date Whelped:  Whelped:  April 13, 2001
Sex:  Dog
Color:  Black & Silver
Breeder:  Bryan W. Brown
Owner:  Bryan W. Brown

                                                Ch. Rampage’s  Kid Moody
                                     Ch. Rampage's Express Mail
                                                Rampage’s Bold Expression
                        Ch. Rampage's Representative
                                                Ch. Rampage’s Waco Kid
                                     Rampage's Positive Attitude
                                                Ch. Rampage’s Positive Mood         
            Ch. Repitition’s Cornerstone
                                               Jerry O's Target Practice
                                    Ch. Jerry O's Sharpshooter O' Daree
                                                Bandsman 'N Jerry O's Flirt
                        Ch. Das Feder's Poetic Justice
                                                Ch. Meadoway's Southpaw
                                    Ch. Repitition's PB Production
                                                Ch. Repitition's Panda Bear
Ch. Gangway's Final Favorite (RM343993/01)
                                                Ch. Rampage's Express Mail
                                    Ch. Rampage's Representative
                                                 Rampage's Positive Attitude
                        Ch. Ruedesheim's Fortune Seeker II
                                                Ch. Ruedesheim's Bonus
                                    Ch. Ruedesheim's I'm Scrumptous
                                                Ch. Bark's My Fair Lady
            Ch. Ruedesheim's Gangway Annie
                                                Ch. Feldmar Night Reveler
                                    Ch. Ruedesheim's Mega Bucks
                                                Ruedesheim's Celestial Flash
                        Ch. Ruedesheim's Ballerina
                                                Ch. Ruedesheim's Bonus
                                    Ch. Syl-Jer's Lots-of-Ginger
                                                Ch. Ruedesheim's Confetti


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