Ch. Jacqueminot Jaguar XJ

Griffin finished from the bred-by-exhibitor class with three bests-of-breed and a group placement. He was shown by his breeder and owner Cheryl Coffman. He is the eighth champion for his dam.

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Date Whelped:  October 19, 2006
Sex:  Dog
Color:  Salt & Pepper
Breeder: Cheryl L. Coffman
Owner: Cheryl Coffman

                                                Ch. Repetition's Cornerstone
                                    Ch. Wards Creek Rocket Man
                                                Ch. Wards Creek Put'n On The Ritz
                       Char N Co Zoom Zoom
                                                Ch. Summerwyd Romeo of Char N Co
                                    Ch. Char N Co Passionate Kisses
                                                Bojangles Black Gold
            Ch. Char N Co Speed Limit
                                                Ch. Sercatep's Kris Kross
                                    Ch. Jacqueminot Jim Dandy
                                                Jacqueminot Jane Doe 
                        Char N Co Sweet Vidalia
                                                Mustache JP Chief Consul
                                    Char N Co Secret of Summerwynd

                                                Ch. Sumerwynd Tokyo Rose
Ch. Jacqueminot Jaguar XJ (RN127530/02)
                                                Ch. Rampage's Express Mail
                                    Ch. Rampage's Representative
                                                Rampage's Positive Attitude
                        Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone
                                                Ch. Jerry O's Sharpshooter O'Daree
                                    Ch. Das Feder's Poetic Justice
                                                Ch. Repitition's PB Production
            Ch. Gangway's Final Feature
                                                Ch. Rampage's Representative
                                    Ch. Ruedesheim's Fortune Seeker II
                                                Ch. Ruedesheim's I'm Scrumptous
                        Ch. Ruedesheim's Gangway Annie
                                                Ch. Ruedesheim's Mega Bucks
                                    Ch. Ruedesheim's Ballerina
                                                Ch. Syl-Jer's Lots of Ginger


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