Ch. Axcium's Superfly

Deogee finished with four majors. He won three majors, a specialty sweepstakes best and puppy BIS at the age of seven months. He finished by going WD and BOS over top-winning dog specials for his final major. He was the fourth champion for his sire and the first for his dam.

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Date Whelped:  November 19, 2005
Sex:  Dog
Color:  Black & Silver                                   
Breeder:  Hilde Haakensen
Owners:  Carol Benson, Hilde Haakensen,                   & Bryan Brown

                                                Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone
                                    Ch. Wards Creek's Rocket Man
                                                Ch. Wards Creek Put'n On The Ritz
                        Ch. Wards Creek's Flying Solo
                                                Ch. Wards Creek's Medicine Man
                                    Ch. Wards Creek's One And Only
                                                Wards Creek's Gossip Column
            Ch. Jacqueminot's Gangway Goto Guy
                                                Ch. Rampage's Representative
                                    Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone
                                                Ch. Das Feder's Poetic Justice
                        Ch. Gangway's Final Feature
                                                Ch. Ruedesheim's Fortune Seeker II
                                    Ch. Ruedesheim's Gangway Annie
                                                Ch. Ruedesheim's Ballerina
Ch. Axcium's Superfly (RN101185/01)
                                                 Ch. Chattelane's Fire Cracker
                                    Ch. Rampage's Blast Off
                                                 Ch. Repitition's La Superba
                        Ch. Repitition’s Turbocharged
                                                Ch. Wardscreek Full Metal Jacket
                                    Ch. Hardinhaus Lil Annie Oakley
                                                Karlshof Kalamity Jane II
            Ch. Repitition's Cavalleria Rusticana
                                                Ch. Sumerwynd Bandsman Showoff
                                    Ch. Sumerwynd Bandsman Freeway
                                                Ch. Bandsman's Free Spirit
                        Repitition's Trump This
                                                Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone
                                    Ch. Repitition's Rich Biiiitch!
                                                Ch. Repitition's All About Eve


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